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    Cold Weather Campout, Mt Rogers, 26-28 Jan 2007

    This is the update board for the Cold Weather Campout. It's a closed thread, and I'll update the info as it changes so this will be the single place to find the most current plans. If you have a comment, post it in the Firming Up Campout Plans thread and I'll update it here.

    Dates: Friday, 26 Jan, to Sunday, 28 Jan
    - Showing up Saturday is fine

    Location: Wise Shelter, Mt Rogers, VA
    -81.49858 36.65392

    Temps: Average conditions for January at the Mt Rogers National Rec Area are 23L to 43H with 3.5" precip. January is the average coolest month. (Monthly Averages) Anyone know the elevation difference for these figures and Wise Shelter?
    - Prepare for single digits, snow and freezing rain (WOOHOO!!)
    - Snow shoes not needed

    Directions, Parking, Trail - Check this Post 79 by Slowhike for details

    Saturday Dinner: Community dinner on Saturday if you're dogs on the fire. Please bring something to share if you plan on eating. There's a parking area pretty close to the shelter so you can keep a cooler in the car, then go get your food Saturday evening. Sign up to bring...
    - Hot Dogs - Bird Dog
    - Buns - Bird Dog's Double B
    - Dessert - Hammock Engineer
    - Dessert - NCPatrick (cookies)
    - Paper Plates (burnable) - headchange4u
    - Napkins or Paper Towels - Doctari
    - Chili - Doctari
    - Condiments - JRB
    - Potato Salad - JRB
    - Chips - Slowhike
    - Drinks - Bring your own
    - Or whatever else you want to share

    Who's coming? We'll get a good count the week before the campout, but right now I'm expecting 10-15 people for Saturday night. Folks are welcome to drop by for a few hours to meet people and check out the gear, then go back to a warm bed instead of camping with us.
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