New as of today but completely sold on hammocks from all the research of these last two weeks. I've decided to hang a Brazilian in my freakishly-tall 7yo son's bedroom. I think he'll love it and I like the idea that there is more space for playing on the floor. I've already sold his bed, so I'm committed. I've been searching in the forums for some idea of what hammock size will work in a 12' space for the right curve but also allow it to be closer to the floor than an adult would prefer but haven't come up with anything (if you know of a link, please share). I will also likely sleep in it with him on nights when he needs the company, so I want it to be comfortable. We are not big people but we are very long, so I'd like to get a double. Also, I know my boys will want me to get in it plus the dog, so I'd like for it to hold at least 400lbs. Planning to hang it from the ceiling with pad eyes per Knotty's method here.

This is the one he really wants at 11' long + 3.5ft cords each side. Thing is, it says up to 200lbs - how is it possible to hold so little at that size and weave? A matter of liability?

But would be okay with the Grand Trunk Roatan 8'L:

Or is this size a better fit for the room? I'm a fairly laid-back mother except when it comes to things that so clearly show the dirt the boys and animals bring into the house.

Anyway, if there is some formula to determine the best length or if someone could just tell me, either would be great.

Thanks a bunch!