Great trip!!! I can't say enough about the fine group of folks that joined in on this trip.
I saw old friends I hadn't seen in a while, & meet a lot of new friends.
I believe we recorded 39 campers on paper & there were at least 4 or more that came by for the day.

The festival was fun & full of people. We had people coming into the "Hammock Demo" area most of the day, asking questions & trying out one or more of the hammocks on display.

Some of our HF members were already talking about this being an annual event. I agree.
Our ranger friend Marciea talked as if providing the group camp site free of charge for a group volunteering at the festival would be no problem. We'll confirm that & see what everyone thinks about making this an annual event.

Weather... well, at times it was perfect. At times it was extremely wet

Much more to come, including plenty of pictures & some video.