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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamosa View Post
    I am going to give it a try on a couple of sets of whoopies. Maybe we should call it a mouse as it will create just a slight "snake bulge" in the line.
    I like the name

    Let me know if I need to do a little DIY on it with photos.

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    Whoopie Slings
    I put a small (1 1/2 - 2 inch diameter) continuous loop in the whoopie loop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo Skipper View Post
    This happened to me once while I was out on a hike, on a cold night, in the dark, without my reading glasses. I ended up just cutting it off and tieing a loop in one end for the toggle. Luckily for me, I had made my whoopies longer than I needed, so I had extra line to use and remake the loop.

    Once I got home, I made a new whoopie, but I also bought a set of the smallest s-biners I could get my hands on ($3/pair, if I recall). I now keep the s-biner in the whoopie loop, and I have not even come close to having this happen to me again.

    Lesson learned to me.
    I added a dozen of the "mitten hooks" from Dutch on my last order when I got the stuff to make my whoopie slings. I wasn't bright enough to slip one on the loop before I buried the running end... Now, next time I make a set, I know what I'm going to be adding in.

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    I've taken to using dutch's whoopie hooks in the adjustable loop. I'm changing all my suspensions over to an inverted suspension.

    Typically, the fixed loop goes on the hammock, and the adjustable loop goes on the tree straps via toggle, carabiner, or whatever. I turned that upside down, by using the fixed end on the tree and the variable end on the hammock.

    I am putting small continuous loops or dog-bones on my hammocks for attach points. The fixed end of my whoopies attach direct to the tree strap with no hardware (usually I make the fixed eye right through on of the loops so its permanent, or, fix a sort of square knot by putting the fixed eye through the tree strap loop, and then pull the other end of the strap through the fixed loop so the whoopie is tied on). The other end with the adjustable loop has a dutch hook on it, which clips to the loop hanging off the hammock.

    So all I do is throw the strap around the tree, put the free end of the whoopie sling through the open loop of the strap, and pull tight. Then clip the dutch hook to the hammock and adjust it. no toggles, no carabiners, no metal at all except the little hook. And no knots to tie.
    For more info, read:

    My personal blog

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    I would work it through as if you are pushing a drawstring back in hoodie.

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