Hey there everybody, thought I'd say hey, been around for awhile but I'm the quiet forum type. I've been hangin for around 5 yrs now started fairly early in my backpackin carreer. I came off the ground cuz of back pain and I've never looked back. My first set up was a HH ULB w/ the jacks no snivler and nest w/ their 8x8 diamond tarp. I found out about all this stuff on Jeff, Risk,and Sgt Rocks site. I now have a wbbb and just ordered a traveler and am looking at building the turtlelady stand so I can sleep full time in my hammock. So even tho I'm quiet I am a dedicated soul. And I also wanted to say thanks for putting you're knowledge out there it's been incredibly helpful. I'm not the most technical person- I did however come home from Lowes w my half price fence top the other night will let you all know how that goes and I will try to not be soooo quiet in the future.