I am designing a tarp and I wanted to get some opinions from you all about some features I want to include. It will likely be an 8' x 10' or 11' x 10' rectangular flat tarp.

My first question is regarding tieouts. As I type right now, I can hear the wind whistling through the area...I know I am going to be in windy conditions with this tarp, so I am planning on trying to add two tieouts on each wall like so:


Do I just sew a peice of reinforcing fabric onto the tarp, and then attatch the loop on the outside of the wall? Here is a picture of the tieout:

http://www.mountainlaureldesigns.com...073efa2eaef0c1 (bottom right corner)

What do you all think of this approach? I was thinking of rigging something like in the picture when it gets windy. Is that going to give me a noticably more solid structure?

Thank you for your help, oh experienced tarpers!