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    I'm only about 60 miles from the epicenter and felt both the 5.2 primary and 4.5 after shock VERY well. Woke me right up when the first one hit and I'm a pretty heavy sleeper.

    I thought the wife had left a comforter in the washer on spin cycle again.... Till I reallized the pictures were all swaying back and forth and the plasma looked like it was ready to fall off the entertainment center.

    Just glad nobody got hurt.... Can't see how nobody did with all the homebuilt stick shacks that some people in this part of the country pass for a house.
    This brings a whole new meaning to the question
    "How's it hangin?"

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    cool, i felt a small one once when i was living in knoxville. 5.2 isn't too small, bet that was quite the experience.

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    Smile Hi all you fellow Earthquakees.

    We had 2 here last week on Wednesday and Thursday nights.
    I slept through the second one but the first one was quite freaky.
    It was 1am and I was writing an email to a customer in Canada.
    I felt the whole house lift and drop. This was exactly how the Kobe Earthquake started and I really thought we were in for another "big one".
    I was here in Kobe 12 years ago when it hit and I lost my apartment and school.
    I should explain that most quakes here in Japan feel like they rock from side to side. The last one that was really noticeable here in Kobe was about 4 years ago in summer.

    Well it's getting warmer here in Japan so my Kayaking group the "Salty Dogs" are all barking at the leash to go on our first kayak trip for the year.
    I will be taking along my HH and introducing Hammock camping to the guys.
    I have been taking along a hammock for years but this is my first mesh type to keep them dreaded mozzies at bay.
    I think there will be some envious kayakers next week and 2 possible results.

    1) Slashed suspension ropes, me sprawled on the ground, and no one admitting responsibility.
    2) A rush of hammock orders to the US and Canada.

    Hopefully #2 will happen and of course I will direct them to these forums so they can get the lowdown of hanging high.
    Do one thing every day that scares you!

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