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    SOLD: Hennessy Hex 10x12 Tarp


    Hennessy Hex tarp, 70D polyester ripstop, in like new condition, taken for just one test drive in the back yard. It comes with a mesh stuff sack. Guy lines and stakes are NOT included, just the tarp and stuff sack. 22oz on my scale. $45 including shipping to US addresses and PayPal fees.

    This is a large, well made tarp that will work with any hammock at a great price. It is just a few ounces more than an equivalent silnylon tarp, without the "wet droop" associated with silnylon fabrics. You can use it for a general-purpose camp shelter as well. It has been factory seam taped and has pockets at each corner for guy line storage.

    Manufacturer's description:

    PU-coated polyester ripstop rainfly works with all Hennessy Hammock models providing generous protection from wind and rain. Can be angled out to provide a large covered area for cooking or relaxing or can be staked down near the ground on both sides of the hammock. The "Hex" Fly can also be used on its own. Because of the wind load, this fly should be tied directly to trees. Two tie outs on each side.

    Weight: 23 oz / 650 g
    Color: Coyote Brown
    Rainfly Fabric: 70D Polyeurethane Coated Polyester Rip-stop
    Rainfly Dimensions: Size 144" on centerline x 120" wide hexagonal shape
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