I purchased a Byer of Maine Madera Hammock Stand from hayneedle.com for $49.00 with free shipping and it came today approximately 5 days after ordering. I have a few trees in my front yard, but none of them are in a position for adequate hanging and with this stand I have quite a few new options for hanging. It is a fairly intuitive design and something I was originally planning to make for i'm sure a few bucks less but it is well made and I don't regret the purchase. The legs are both two parts that lock together in a metal joint and feel sturdy while making it easily packable for the car or in my case the smallest nook of usable space left in my gear-closet. The rope is strong and tightens easily and it comes with a GIGANTIC stake that went through the soft-earth of my saturated lawn very easily with a rubber mallet and stayed secure while hanging. All in all, it took around 2 minutes to actually set-up the stand for the first time with another 2 or 3 minutes of playing around and adjusting things to get it completely secure

The feel -- i must admit that at first I was a little skeptical as it doesn't exactly look strong, but after a few minor adjustments I was hanging in relative comfort and the anxiety of plummeting a foot and a half into wet grass subsided. I am only 150lb's, but it supposedly supports up to 450lb's and I don't doubt it could hold a substantial weight. For the hammock set-up, I simply attached my tree trap to the carabiner that came with the stand, cinched the supporting rope and climbed in after adjusting my whoopies. This was the first time I hung my new 1.1sl traveler so it was pretty exciting on a few levels.

I recommend the product for those who have 1 tree and want to hang!