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    I need suggestions

    I have been using a HH ex for a few years and want to upgrade.
    I was going to order the New zip deluxe HH but came across the Switchback.
    I live in south east Texas and the Mosquitos are terrible. I need excellent protection from underneath because I have been bitten while in my HH. The weight is not a issue but lighter is always better. I was thinking about the UL switchback but I am not sure if it will keep the skeeters from biting thru the bottom so I am leaning towards the double layered switchback.
    The we'd sites says the price does not include the hanging system. Does that mean just the tree huggers are not included? Does it include whoopie slings?
    I want to order but I am not sure what all I need with it.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the hammock comes unrigged. However, you can "add-on" a whoopie sling suspension with tree huggers. Check their website for particulars, but I think a set of 10' whoopies and 6' huggers will run you an additional $24.95.

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    As a thought for you, to prevent the mosquitoes from biting through the bottom of your hammock, have you considered an open hammock with separate bug net?

    WB Traveler and bug net
    Grand Trunks hammock and bug net (as made by PapaSmurf here on the forums)
    ENO hammock and bug net
    There may be others, but this is what came to mind this morning....

    I have the WB Traveler and net, and PapaSmurf's GT U and bug net and really like both. The netting covers the entire hammock, even the bottom so I don't have to worry about being attacked from below. I can also save weight and pack space in the cooler months by leaving the bug net home.

    Just a thought for you.

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    Thank you both..
    Joey I did not even think of that option.. I do have a HH deluxe without the bug net that I bought from HH a few years ago when they where having a annual garage sale,( I think that's what it was called). I do prefer a all-in-one combo but I think I will get a separate bug net for the HH. I just ordered the switchback 1.9 dlb and now i have to figure out what suspension system I will use for it..

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    You could also spray or soak the hammock in permethrin. Once dry it has no impact on human skin but will kill Mosquitos (and other bugs) that land on it. Great stuff! I coat all my summer camping clothes and sleeping gear in the spring and it lasts pretty much all summer long. If I camp a lot I may need to do one more coating mid summer.

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    You will love the comfort of the Switchback. Simply treat the hammock bottom with Permethrin. You can either soak the hammock or use the handy-dandy spray solution.
    Lightweight and fiddle-free bug protection.
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