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I let mine "dry" for about 6 hours and the silicon was "dry" as a bone. Not sure why it was so sticky when I received it. Maybe it didn't have time to set. Maybe it was a hot UPS Truck.

Anyhow, I'm getting ready to set it up. My 1st go for suspension is going to be a 550 Cord Continuous Ridgeline with a #0 S-Biner on a Bowline at 1 end and a #0 S-Biner on a Prusik at the other end. The tarp will be attached with a couple Prusiks & more #0 S-Biners.

The guy out lines & Prusiks will be made from some Red 3mm Utility Cord made by BlueWater.

Any thoughts?

I use a similar setup, but I use Kelty triptease cord with a knotbone one end and a figure 9 on the other. It works pretty well and 50 ft of cord set me back about $15