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    Anyone using Montbell stretch bag?

    (Didn't know what forum to post this....)

    Anyone using a Montbell bag with their stretch technology/feature? I'm seriously considering their Super Stretch Burrow #1 bag.

    Unfortunately there's no stores carrying Montbells by me. I've tried a good amount of bags over the past two weeks in various stores and found I like the size of rectangulars. I'm 6'1", 225lbs warm and somewhat restless sleeper. I like the stretch feature and the bottom footbox opens via drawstring. I'd like to hear from fellow hammockers using a Montbell bag with the stretch feature. Thanks.

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    I have the #2 bag. I use it in the hammock as a top quilt in the super cold winter. The extra material in top makes it super warm. I have maybe 20 nights like that and it works pretty good. The stretch feature doesn't really come into play this way.

    I like it on the ground as a bag. I am a human popscile and the #2 will get me somewhere in the high 20's. I added my thick warm quilt inside and made it below 0 a couple times comfortably.

    I really like the stretch feature. The bad thing is these bags are heavier than a lot of others. Some of that comes for the extra room. The bag seems to be bigger than others. I really like that feature. It gives me room to move around. In the sub freezing it gives extra room to add things that you do not want to freeze. I added my 3.5" loft quilt inside and didn't notice much compressing. I have a month or 2 worth of nights in it as a bag. Really comfortable to me.

    The stretch feature is nice, but when it stretches the loft gets compressed somewhere making a cold spot. Only a big deal if you want to stay stretched out.

    I guess I am saying this is a really nice high quaility down bag. Depending on how cold you are looking to go the #1 might be overkill. A great winter bag though.
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    Thumbs up I have one too

    I use the Montbell #2 Long Ultralight Super Stretch Down Hugger.
    (it's a mouth full ain't it!)
    Great bag, really recommend it.
    The packed size of this is unreal for a sub zero (Celsius)bag. It's tiny.
    I've seen summer weight bags bigger than this.
    The "superstretch" ability is really a plus too. This is why I brought this bag.
    I have even put my Thermarest pad in with me and got in on top of that.
    This worked well but it was a mission to get into the mummy bag while in the hammock.
    I have started using it like a quilt and this works well too

    I will say that because it is built ultralight weight it's durability might not be as long as my last down bag, a Fairydown Cobra, which got too small in the shoulders.

    I agree with HE that the #1 is overkill. The extra bulk is a good reason alone not to go with the #1.
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