Where: My front yard.
When: Last night.
What: Field test of the poncho liner underquilt, following directions found here.

Conditions: Low of fifty-nine degrees F. Humidity of 63% and a breeze out of the northeast at eight miles per hour.

Issues Found: The PLUQ doesn't want to stay up at the head end, leading to cold shoulder syndrome at the edges. It wants to bunch up at the bottom of the hammock, leaving the majority of my back exposed to the breeze. I believe this is due to two issues: a use of cuff elastic instead of shock cord and suspension points that are being drawn together too tightly when the PLUQ is snugged against the bottom of the hammock.

Probable solutions: Getting shock cord and attaching the suspension differently.

Even with cold shoulder syndrome, it was a wonderful night for a hang. With no mosquitoes (well, I got a single bite on one shoulder, but I'll live with that), I was able to sleep with the netting pulled back and an unobstructed view of the sky. Wonderful ending to a busy day at work.

Real coffee (I normally only get instant trail "coffee" that isn't terrible, but also isn't coffee) and HF from the hammock this morning are just great. Going to go on down to Joanne's today to pick up some shock cord and adjust how I hang the suspension tonight. The weather forecast is calling for a low of forty-nine tonight!