I have been using the no sew poncho liner uq since I started out. Some changes that I made that helped a lot were to make triangle thingies out of cord with knots, I also sewed loops on the four corners of the PLUQ to attach to the triangle thingies. This really changed the PLUQ suspension to what it needed to be. I used shock cord with a lock cord for adjust-ability.

For the Grayson Highlands Hang that I went on, I pinned a down throw on the PLUQ (between the hammock and the PLUQ, not between the PLUQ folds). This brought the down throw up against me and I was warm and toasty. Last but not least, I added a hammock sock which was the bomb. I am now a firm believer in the sock

This is the time of year when those down throws usually pop up at all the stores and go on sale. I've been wondering what two throws put together would get me down to and then I could do away with the PLUQ entirely since the throws pack so much smaller and are so much lighter than the poncho liner. However; I can attest that the down throws work great paired with the PLUQ to help get you down in temps. (then add that sock, and wow)