Okay with the cool front coming in I had a chance to test the sleeping bag UQ that I made, http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=37818

It got down to the mid 47/48 at least that what is was when I got back from walking the dog and thought remembered to check the thermometer on the porch.maybe a hair lower, I didn't check what it was when i went out last night.

To start with I had my foot end a little tight across the hammock and this bothered me, I loosed it up and it laid better. Drifted but did have a little cool area on the butt and lower back that didn't warm up, so I tweak the side adjustments, got back in, and slept pretty well. Woke up about five thirty with cool feet and put on my socks.

I'm was sleeping au natural, except for my watch cap, its merino wool, made by my wife. I did have my socks and a set of duo therm base layers in case I needed them. I was using a 20* bag as a top quilt.

I fell pretty good about it, I had hoped this would get me down to the lower 40's. I believe it will if I continue to play with hanging, but may have to add my base layer....