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    SC Fall Sprawl 2k11, aka Roll call for sc

    Just made it home, about to shower and post up some pics! Thanks to every one that came out and made this special.

    SO! We get there friday morning around 10:30, and start setting up camp shortly after. got my spot all picked out and throw up the hammocks and tarp, and the WL sign. Make sure the red ENO is by the road and grab a seat by the fire ring. That didnt last long as Capt Smiley and crew arrive in a cloud of dust with his wife driving...then out pour the kids! They were a huge help all weekend, both with setting up and getting stuff around the camp, and for entertainment. The littlest one CJ was very helpful disposing of food.....

    As the day wore on, more and more came. MB showed up with the wife and boy Tony, Land arrived and his friends JoJo (on here now) and his crew of i think 3-4 showed up late friday night. ChickenWing was around here and there, arriving around 6 and grabbed the cabin then came back to hang out with us. Eventually showing off the Banana Hammock and some of his cool gear.

    That night went by really fast, and sleep came easy for most of us, even if someone let a few bears in the camp....

    Saturday came soon, and we got up and secured breakfast & the appropriate caffeine. We start to inspect the setups of those around us a tweak ours some, I show off some Dutch gear and setup the raffle table with gear and start getting people tickets. Theres pictures of the winners that CW took, and will be up soon im sure. We ended up with $50 to give back to the park, which they were surprised by this morning. Dinner plans were made, and I took off into town because what I brought just didnt seem to be as good as I had hoped, and I picked up some s'mores supplies and more firewood. That night, Baja & Co roll in while were out, and have just enough time to setup before its black out and we all gather around the fire, hanging out. There was about 20 people all told sitting around the fire that night, and the sky was beautiful with shooting stars and lightning storms in the distance both nights. We talked about a Huntington Beach hang in the spring, and about making the Fall Sprawl an annual thing (which it is).

    Cold temps come that night and stay all thru this morning, and I had to head out a lot earlier than I wanted to. CaptSmiley was just getting out of bed when I finished packing and we talked about a few things before I headed out.

    Bunch of really great people there, and Im proud to have done what I could to get this together. If you missed it, man you REALLY missed it.

    Pics to come, and a product review as well as a top insulation idea i came up with
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