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For myself, I plan on using 40 feet of Zing it for my Tarp CRL. (The extra will be used for emergency use) I'm going to use Mason line (Braided) for guide lines. I'm using the Mason line, because I've read it's a little easier to do splicing.
There won't be a lot of extra, if you start with 40 ft. I know it sounds like a lot, but a CRL (when used with large trees or a long span) will use up quite a bit.

Mason line is fine, and quite inexpensive. It 'can' be braided also, but not as easily (IMO) as the other options. The drawback is that it isn't that durable over time, and tends to tangle if you aren't very careful with it. Some folks don't mind that, though, and consider the low cost to be the trump factor. HYOH!