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Thread: Types of Cord

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    From one cheap hammocker and for what it's worth, I use dynaglide for my newly made whoopies ( my 150# brother was swinging like crazy in his hammock this weekend and they held up fine and they work really well for me). I use paracord right now for my tarp ridgeline and I use kelty triptease for the tie outs. I would use triptease for the tarp ridgeline but I ran out and had paracord handy. As far as the stretch on that, when I crank it down real well on th tree it still has guitar string tightness in the morning. It is slightly looser but it's an easy adjustment while Lolly gaggin' around camp the next day...

    I don't know anything about all the other commons as I have not used any of the others, but what I have bought I have used and none has disappointed me. It all works. I have even read some things about using some strong fishing line as tieouts for weight savings...just a thought if you are a "grammer".

    if I had to choose only one type of cordage for my setup it would be dynaglide. It's strong(1000lb), extremely light, small enough to use for tarps(1.8mm), and it's fairly inexpensive($50 for 200ft) you can't beat that!
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