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    1st night in a Hammock

    Had a Bass tournament at Lake Monroe (Brown county state park, In) so I decided to try my very first overnighter. Up to this point all I had done was a few nap's in the backyard but I felt confident enough on setting up my hammock to give it a try.
    Well first thing I found out is I suck at judgeing distance between trees because it took my 3rd try to finally get close enough for my stock HH Safari suspension to reach.
    I knew the temp would drop down to the mid 40's so since I dont have a UQ yet I rigged up a couple of sleeping bag's as my OQ/UQ which worked out great. Only problem was when I got out to use the restroom I knocked down the UQ and took a while to fix in the dark so I got cold.
    When I woke up to get ready for the tourney the first thing I realized is I felt great no soreness or tired from sleeping on the ground I felt refreshed. Takedown was a breeze , my fishing Bud was amazed that I was packed and had breakfast done by the time he drug himself out of his tent feeling like hell and looking the part and complaining that he could not get comfortable all night .
    Well we did not have as good of a showing as we wanted too but we did catch a few Bass and most of all we had a great time.
    What I learned from my 1st night is I need a better cold weather set up and just more experiance with my hammock also I will be looking at re-think my equipment list because I still pack more equipment than I ever use.
    Well thanks for reading about my 1st night in a hammock and any helpful suggestions will be apreciated.

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    Kudos!! Just had my first night recently as well....i think I'll have a hammerhead 3 for sale soon

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    My first official trip is played for Oct. 20th and I can't wait.

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    For some reason, it always makes me feel good knowing someone slept badly in a tent! Serves’em right! lol Sounds like you had a pretty good first hang. I find that between 5 and 7 goodish steps between trees will get me hanging first try. Close to 5 (5 to 6) steps is better than close to 7. The wider you go with a Hennessy, the more sag you get.
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    Tent, heck, haven't you seen all the commercials advertising BEDS???? I had one of those Select Comforts and it was the best bed I ever had. Nowhere near as comfortable as what I have now.
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    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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