Rising to 703m above sea level in the Wide Bay Burnet hinterland, Mount Walsh National Park is a rugged park with spectacular exposed granite outcrops and cliffs. The “Bluff” area of Mount Walsh, at the park’s northern end, is my destination for this overnight hike a prominent landmark in the Biggenden area.

There are no camping facilities on the park, remote camping is allowed.

My Hammock Gear 20F Burrow, turned up in the post just days before my planned overnight hike. Got to test my new Burrow for the first time. First thing I noticed before I even left home is how much lighter my pack now feels with the Hammock Gear Top Quilt.

I left home at 10am, drove for an hour and a half inland towards Biggenden, Stopped by at the local takeaway store at Biggenden for a Burger and chips.
Arrived at car park at the entrance to Mt Walsh National Park just before 1pm.

Only a short hike today, but steep and rugged. Plans where to hike up to the rocky out crops just short of the highest peak in the park. With a full pack on, it was to dangerous to continue any higher and I was on my own, this is one very isolated area, which I love. Had the whole park to myself, apart from a couple of french backpackers camping near my vehicle at the car park I encountered on the way back to vehicle the following day, more about them later.

With my Aarn Load Limo body pack, my Warbonnet Hammock, Superfly and 3-season Yeti and my brand new Hammock Gear Burrow and 4 litres of water, I left just on 1pm with a pack weight of 15kg including food and water.

My feet where in slight pain, after my great walk hike at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland a few weeks ago. Apart from the Tick which made be a bit ill. I damaged my toe nails hiking down a steep slope, that just never ended, 6 hours later I finally arrived at camp feeling like I been through a land mine. My toe nails where shot to pieces. ( I need new Boots). Still trying to recuperate from that hike.

Back to Mt Walsh, I slowly but surely made my way up to a suitable location and setup camp. For the first time, i've had a go at making my first video. I didn't realise just how much space the video's take up on my digital camera, in no time my card was full. Was going to video the sunsets and sun rises, instead I've take a few images.

The Burrow Top Quilt was a huge success. Very happy with the quality. although the temp did not get down as low as expected. I used the top quilt as a blanket, as It was to warm with it all snapped up.

I hope you like my first attempt at a video. it was a bit nerve racking, but I got through it.