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    Mini Figure 9's

    OK...inspired by Dutch and the fact that I hate tying knots I made thr following "Mini 9's". They weigh in at a backbreaking 3 grams each. I made in my machine shop but certainly doable at home with some extra time. Measures about 1" x 3/8" before sawing and bending out the slot. The mason line loop attaches to the tieout. Orange line, which is from OES and same as Speer No Tangle, is held captive by the stake loop on one end and a stopper knot on the other. I had been using some of the micro plastic cord locks, but these seem more durable. You could use Dutch Flyz in the same way...just use the 2 holes and forget about the "J" used in ridgeline tightening. First pic is before locking the line. Second completely locked in place. Would also allow tarp retensioning from inside...
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