Some of us couldn't/didn't attend the most recent Ontario Hang at Algonquin Park this past weekend.

Now is your Second Chance, so to speak, to get out this fall and use your hammock gear. I know I have gear that I am testing both 3 season and winter.

There are 2 possible dates for this hang weekend, and I've made this a poll, so pick your option.

The hang will be at Valens Conservation Area (car camping). There are a limit of 6 people per site at this place so multiple sites may be needed depending on the number of people attending. The site we usually get is about 100m from a heated washroom with running water. So no issues there.

I know I am going for 2 nights. Obviously just showing up for 1 night (Saturday) is a viable option too. For those that are able to car pool, it is advisable as there is also a limit to the number of vehicles per site.

So who is in?