Hey Y'all! My name is Erik and I'm a long time ground dweller looking to get into this hanging thing. Many, many things intrigue and attract me to the concept, like being able to set up and tear down under a tarp and the whole comfort thing. But I have to admit that I am a little concerned and confused about a few things. For instance, I have spent a great deal of time and money trying to go ultra light, or at least close to it. My current shelter offers bug protection for less than two pounds. From what I have heard over on some other forums is that I just can't get that light with a hammock set up. I don't want to believe that. I also don't want to spend a bunch of money trying out different systems and rejecting them like I did with tents, pads, bags and the like. I am willing to put up a fair chunk of change to get it right the first time. Right now I'm really eyeballing a WBBB, seems like alot of people here enjoy theirs. I'm 6'0" and about 215lbs. if anybody wants to make other lightweight, full bug suggestions.

Looking to learn a lot here,