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    I really like my JRB stuff!

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    Yeah, there is just something about a bridge, at least for me. In some ways- even if not all ways- it just can not be beat or even quite matched by the best of the rest.

    I think lately- when I occasionally choose one of my other hammocks over my older JRB bridge- it is for reasons other than comfort. Mostly because I want to use a specific insulation set up. For example, I still like to use my HH Super Shelter( I know- I'm weird!). Or I want to use my PeaPod, a no go with my bridge. Not that the MW UQ used with the bridge is not one of the very best set ups- it def is. Sometimes I think it might be the best over all, though that is tough to say when comparing to the PeaPod. But sometimes I just want to use one of the other systems.

    Or I don't want to fool with the spreader bars. Or I want to shave some ounces. But for me, comfort is never the reason for me to choose a non-bridge. For me it is GREAT to never have to think about calf pressure of knee hyper-extension, plus no worries about side issues other than big time fetal. No worries about a sweet spot, just lay down. It has some comfort shortcomings compared to non-bridge, but those don't seem as important to me as the above pluses.

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