I have a fairly consistent problem with my cinch buckles. The rope comes from the hammock and attaches to the CB in what is probably a prussick, or at least my attempt at same. I think I end up with about 5 or 6 loops of 3.8 mm spyder around the CB. But after I tighten the RL and then hang in it, often the knot will slip side ways, causing the little crossbar to get jammed at a diagonal. This makes it very difficult to adjust and /or undo. If this happens, I must struggle to completely loosen it before I can tighten it some more. And even then, the knot is still sideways, interfering with any adjustments. So I may even have to loosen and redo the knot.

So, I need a way to connect my rope ( a single strand of 3.8mm Spyder line) to my cinch buckles that will stay put. Any suggestions?