If I have a length of rope, and want to make it longer, is there a splice that would work for that? I'm sure this is somewhere on the forum but I'm not finding it.

I recently made a Zing-It 2.2 mm single-rope ridgeline with Nite-Ize knotbone attached via fixed eye loop (locked brummel) on one end and Figure 9 on the other end attached via soft shackle prusik. The finished length is around 30 ft., but I wish I had made it 40 ft. since it barely spans the hanging points of my backyard hammock test area.

It seems like it would be easy to splice an additional 10 feet on, if I knew the best way. I'm not swimming in Zing-it for experimentation so I'm reaching out to HF members for their opinion. I have an idea of what I think will work:

Since the tarp ridgeline is not weight bearing I could just take six or seven inches of the old rope and splice it into the new rope, and bury same amount of new rope into the old Zing-It. Add a few locking stitches where the ropes meet for good measure and i'm done.

However, I'm sure there is a more elegant and sturdier solution involving double locked brummels, but I can't quite visualize it. Keep in mind that the standing end of old rope is not available for a locked brummel 'cause it already has a knotbone connected via fixed-eye loop. I saw a thread somewhere about doing a locked brummel when the standing end is unavailable, but like I said, I'm having a hard time visualizing how one would do this when trying to splice two ropes together to make one.

Thanks for the help!