Is anyone pretty familiar with Pictured Rocks (U.P. Michigan)? This weekend is looking absolutely perfect to make my weekend trip up there as the whole upper midwest is bathed in indian summer. Since you need to make reservations 2 weeks in advance, I'd be going to whatever sites are available (back up plan is nearby grand island, where dispersed camping is allowed, so no worries about running out of sites there!). Just wondering what are the chances of the place being full- I asked the visitor's center last friday what was available for saturday night, and only one site was full... but no guarantees is all they said. Like I said I have a perfectly workable backup plan so it's not do or die, I've just been looking at photos of the place and it seems like it's really something special, I don't want to get my hopes too high if it's likely to be full with all the nice weather we're supposed to have. Just looking for insight from someone with experience I guess!