A month or so ago, fellow forum member Rip Waverly kindly had his newly modded Switchback hammock sent to me for a test run.

I strung that thing up and I loved it. So much, in fact, that I sold off my WBBB the following day to fund one.

His review here is about as comprehensive as anything I could whip up.

I just wanted to shoot some info specific to my model.

I got a 1.9 dl in spruce green.

I couldn't be more pleased. Dale was great to work with.

He sent straight to 2QZQ to save me the extra shipping.

Below is what it the 2QZQ RW mod allows - a full "traveler" setup.

The netting zips into a peak bag at one end.

2QZQ were great to deal with. Donna kept me up to date on the progress of the mod. Couldn't ask for better customer service.

This thing is roomy as heck as a hammock with a full bug net. I love that you can exit out of either side. It also has the ability to go "topless". I like that it isn't whipped, which, I feel, opens up the hammock more than one that is whipped. No SRL which allows you to rake down on it to get a flat lay (contrary to the 30* hang, this hammock actually gets more comfy the lesser the hang angle).

Great hammock, great cottages to work with.

Can't say enough about this hammock and the mod.