Ok so I need some advice from you all again. I had back sugary not to long ago and it looks like I will not be healed up enough to go for hanging until spring. So I am working on building up and refining my rig. So here is where I need your help I am a big fella 6 foot three and AROUND 350. I am wide at the shoulders and now that my back is not what it used to be. The cool air in the hammock plays havoc with my back. I need to do something to keep off the cold. My question is what do my wide brothers out there use to keep out the cold? I have been on workers comp so I am looking for a solution that will not break the bank. If Pads are the way to go what pads should I look into? And any tips on keeping the pads in the hammock? I would love to do an UQ but my budget will not allow me that option right now. Would like to make my own but I have no thread injector and the materials I would need are a little over my budget right now. (Had to buy a new hammock mine ripped out on me in a test hang.) Any input would be greatly appreciated.