Had to put off my thru hike of the Superior Hiking Trail here in Minnesota until May due to many added shows and a broken little toe. That little bugger is annoying. Also now will have to break the hike into two trips. Still get to go though even on the hurt toe ya' know....

Wanted a bit of a lighter tarp besides my Winter BlackCat that I added flaps on to

so I had just enough silnylon to make a new smaller version of the BlackCat.
Shug & new Tarp.bmp

Long ridgeline at 11 1/2 feet and sides are 44 inches at widest. Added tie outs to the seam so that I can close the ends and use as pull outs (works well this way!) and gives me more security in higher winds.
Tarp w- ends closed.bmp
Weighs 15.7 0z with lines with tensioners (love those!!) and skins. Never used skins before but I think they are terrific for a tarp as you can get it out of the way. Still gonna stuff 'em in a sack though as the loaded skins are a wee bit unruly for me. For hammock I still prefer BlackBishop bag.
Furthermore, I cut up my hammock sock and made a weather shield. Always get condensation in the sock and after reading about the weather shields on here I am giving it a go. As this tarp is shorter on the sides, thereby reducing carry weight, the shield should be quite handy.