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    TinCup's Project #1 - My First UQ

    Hello everyone.

    Before I get started:
    Thanks for welcoming me to your community! I really enjoy the warm receptions members bestow on newbs like me. I feel welcome, to say the least.

    This is my first DIY hammock project. I have completed some ground dweller projects in the past but nothing with a hang. I have spent considerable time lurking and viewing youtube videos on how to go about my first UQ construction.

    Below is a work in progress, I will be editing and adding to this thread as I work to complete my quilt. I will be posting updates as the work progresses, accompanied by pictures and videos. My purpose for making this project public is two fold; First, so members are able to comment and correct. You won't hurt my feelings. If you have an idea please post and let me know. Second, so others, new members and vets can learn and share in this experience with me.

    TinCup's DIY Underquilt Video Series

    Part 1 - The Planning

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    My current DIY project.

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