I made this a while ago but I thought I would show it for anyone that was thinking about making something similar.

I wanted something that would hold my hammock but still be useful when I was using my hammock so I made it into a ridgeline bag.

When you turn the stuff sack inside out there are two pockets with drawstrings and a channel along the top that my amsteel ridgeline runs through.

Please excuse the poor sewing job

The bag in stuff sack form.

The bag when it is turn inside-out. Ridgeline bag mode.

Close up of the smaller pocket when in ridgeline mode. When in stuff sack mode this pocket just sits attached to the rest of the bag but in the bottom. It doesn't get in the way but isn't used when in stuff sack mode.

The bag in stuff sack mode with my diy gathered end hammock, webbing, descender rings, ridgeline, and two carabiners in it.

I forgot to take a picture with something by it to show it's scale but it is pretty compact. If I get time i'll post one.

Next up is an underquilt! gotta get ready for the winter