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Great video. Really enjoyed the views, the tips, the written commentary. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for posting your comment, Buenos! Itís helpful to get a bit of feedback on the videos I make. Without it, there is no way of knowing if itís ok, or wasting people's time who watch it.

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One of the best videos I have watched! It had it all, beautiful scenery, babbling brook, rain, sunshine, and best of all, fabulous commentary delivered humorously but with some neat camping tips!
I felt like I was out there hiking with you. You would be a fun hiking partner! Your enthusiasm is contagious.

My favorite hikes are ones that follow creeks. The rock hopping takes the monotony out of trudging and I love the sound of the water.

I've subscribed to your YouTube and I hope to see many more enjoyable videos in the future!
Yeah, I supposes it did have a good mix, MAD777! The plan was to go straight to camp and mostly do some camp talk, which is something I havenít done in a video, because there is too much other stuff to show during walk time. I'm trying to keep the videos short, so camp talk usually gets cut out. I quite like putting ďBruciehi5 Handy HintĒ on the screen, it's kind of silly. Iíll have to show some more handy hints, so I can use it again.

***I felt like I was out there hiking with you.

Yes, that's what I'm trying to do with the videos! 90% of the people who watch my videos are in American and will probably never get to walk in the places I do, so I try to take them there via video. Hard to do in one 15 minute part. Being shown places I'll probably never get to visit is one of the best things about all the trip reports here on Hammock Forums.

Yeah, rock hopping is up the top of my favorite hikes too, especially after that last trip! There are quite a few rocks to be hopped around here too. Thanks for your comments, MAD777, very encouraging, which is probably not a good thing!

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I hunkered down and had a good time watching part 2. I also like an Edge sized tarp.
Look forward to your next adventure.
You may have noticed that I like to say, hunker! I think itís an American thing to say and probably should stay that way. I donít say it right! It even sounds better when you type it! Iím gonna keep saying it though, cuz I like it! Even though I was putting words in your mouth, talking about you on your unicycle, I probably wonít say Whoo Buddy again. I donít even come close to saying that right!

The Edge tarp is a good all rounder, but to make it that way, you gotta have the doors for it. They make it. Iím pleased that you watched part 2 and didnít think it was number 2.

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Hmmmmmm, Maybe I liked the quality of the videos, because I use the Kodak Zi8 also And you are right, without a tripod it tends to get a little wavy (rolling shutter is the technical term for it, I think). I know this is off topic, but how do you like the Zipshot? I've been checking them out on the internet. Any big problems with it?
Well, Thanks again for sharing your adventure.
Happy Trails,
Hello SlowBro,

Oh I think we can go off topic for a second or two. I like it! I searched around on the Internet for a light weight compact tripod, but had a hard time finding one that suited my needs. I ended up finding the Zipshot in a local electronics store and bought it after a bit of huming and hring. I wanted something lighter and something telescopic. This thing has a bit of shock cord in the middle of all three leg tubes. So, when I undo the 2 red shock cords that hold it in folded up mode, the 3 legs flop down and lock into place, quick and easy like Ė it actually works really well! It folds back up almost as easily, just a bit fiddly, but perfectly ok. It weighs 327 grams, 11.53 ounces, but it is fairly strong. Even though it isnít telescopic, you can still set it up at 4 different heights by not locking the legs in place at one of the three joints on each leg. To where the camera screws on, it is 1220mm or 4 feet high. You can pan okish if you donít screw the camera on as tight as it will go. I donít have anything bad to say about it, apart from I think itís a bit over priced for what it is. I paid $89.95 for mine. Anyway SlowBro, better get back on topic, or Iíll get e-shot!

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Bruciehi5, really enjoyed the trip, the video, the humor, and the subtitles. Reminded me of Monty Python in a way. Not so sure that 'Whoo Buddy' translates all that well into Aussie--there must be another phrase for that! Thanks for taking us along. Looking forward to more adventures in the future.
Hi there Les Rest,

Monty Python... ďYouíre a very naughty boy!Ē lol ďI Ďll fump im if e calls me big nose agen.Ē lol Yes, Whoo Buddy is very American and should not be said, or typed, by anyone other! I donít think weíve got our own phrase for that. The shortened version is used a bit, but that is stolen from America... Whoo! You are welcome, Les Rest, I enjoyed taking you along!

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Excellent trip report. Thanks so much for sharing it. Looking forward to your next TR.
Thanks Outandback! The people here on Hammock Forums have shared a lot of stuff with me, which is how I got such a great hammock set up. Iím just trying to give a bit back. The ďStick Trick" is probably the most useful thing Iíve given back so far.