Zombie approved park

DNR page

11411 Clementa Avenue Northwest
Monticello, MN 55362

So ricecg and I did a little impromptu camping out at this park. Neither of us had been there before, so we weren't sure what to expect and to sum it up: holy avocado.

If you live anywhere near this park you owe it to yourself to get there and hang. It was a short 1 mile (maybe?) to our site from the parking lot, and we were about a 30 second walk from the lake. The trees were perfectly spaced, and the area was so beautiful just to walk through that I plan on going back at least once before winter hits.

All that being said, the spiders were out in droves. Normally I suffer from my terrible arachnophobia, but I seemed to fight it off pretty easy here. I did empty my pack out on the front stoop when I got home though, don't want to bring those suckers into my house.