Hi all!

I happened upon this site via Shug's videos on Youtube a few weeks back and have been busy reading many posts and researching hammocks.

I'm a 52 year old camper who has carried packs up to 85 lbs and have made many of my own pieces of equipment from high-tech fabrics including a 4 season self-supporting 3 man tent based on the Moss Startdome 3. It's been a while since I made anything that grand but this site has my juices flowing again to make my own hammock. Compared to the tent, it shouldn't be that big of a challenge!

I'm very interested in lightening my load and saving my knees which is why hammocks are so interesting. Hearing about how comfortable they are as well doesn't hurt either. I know I'll find a lot of help here on anything I need to learn about and hope I can offer advice on things I have more experience about.

I did stumble upon a website (I think it was from here) that carried a lot of the basic supplies specifically for hammock making like silnylon, amsteel, zippers, etc. but I can't find it any more. It's not a standard retailer as I remember and not the forums store. Anyone know the site I mean? I'm sure I'll find it again soon though but please post if you think you know it anyway.

Let the fun begin!