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I do a lot of camping with Boy Scouts. So far I have used my HH down to the 50s with a sleeping pad but its time to upgrade to a UQ.

I live in the SE and experience a wide range of temps in fall and winter, anywhere from 70s down to 20s (maybe even teens possible).

I am looking at the JRB winter nest since I sleep cold (rated down to 0). My question is can I use something like this when its warmer - say 40s, 50s, or 60s or will I burn up? Since heat rises I am hoping that is the case. I really dont want to have to purchase multiple quilts for different temp ratings if I can avoid it.
I too do a lot of camping with my Troop and Crew. For me it depends on if we are backpacking or doing what I call "car camping" (vehical is close). If vehical is close, I don't care how much I pack or how many "layers" I end up putting on my hammock to stay warm.
I've narrowed it down to needing two underquilts for my area (temps ranging from hot humid over 100 in the summer to wet rainy only supposed to be 20 but was 17 last winter). I flat out can not use just one quilt to cover that type of range in temps. I too sleep very cold and must subtract 15 degrees from the rating of any quilt. This means that I needed a 0 degree quilt for that night that hit 17 degrees. This 0 degree quilt works well for me in temps up to about 50. I do have to vent it as the temps go up higher. My lighter under quilt is an IX 3 layer quilt. Some people have had good results with this quilt at lower temps but not me. Because of my cold sleeping, my IX is a great warm weather quilt. Plus because it's so humid here and IX is waterproof, it works very well. And it was cheap!! Meaning I could spend more money on that winter 0 degree quilt!!!
I decided that for me, I'd rather be to warm and need to vent, rather than to cold and shiver all night. And your question about can you use a 0 degree quilt in higher temps... this is something that you will need to test for yourself to see how high the temp can go before you are to hot. Even I don't use my 0 degree at 60 degrees, it's way to hot, even vented. My IX works well at that temp though.