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    Ahhhh. Four blissful nights in my CJH.

    I just returned from Raystown Lake in south-central PA where I attended the 10th annual Raystown Rendezvous, a gathering of (mostly) solo canoeists. As the campground has tent platforms designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers (level packed gravel) the sites literally cry out for hammock hanging.

    As usual, Stormcrow's TQ and UQ kept me toasty warm in temps that dipped into the 30s.

    And I found another benefit to hammock camping: Friday I performed a rather ungainly dismount from my solo canoe, resulting in a split, a swim, and a pulled hamstring muscle. I self-medicated with Ibupropen and Blanton's Bourbon, but it was sleeping in a system that is free of pressure points that made it possible for me to sleep comfortably the last two nights. Yet another reason to stay off the ground!


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    Sorry to hear you injured yourself. Good to hear you were able to rest comfortably!

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