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    AHE Long & Wide Owyhee 3 season Top Quilt


    to another biker, here. (1/4 hp, chain rear-wheel drive. No tax on fuel in most states. )

    "Long length[Kick *** Quilt] will fit up to 6 foot 4 inch tall person with up to a size 12 shoe. The Owyhee has a Omni Tape Velcro Foot box and Tapered slightly with a cinching bottom. The 3S version features 5 oz Climashield and will take most users into the 30's." ArrowHead Equipment

    I'm 9" shy of 6'4", so I'll trust Paul at AHE. But, this appealed to me for also being wider than the standard Owyhee.

    48 inches wide at head and
    all the way down to the top of the 24" foot box,
    tapering to 40" before folding.

    86 inches long

    Plenty warm. Too plenty-ful for a short guy in an 8' hammock, so I'm selling and looking for standard / shorter. This is the AHE top-quilt the bigger guys here want.

    Perfect, as-new condition. From smoke and pet-free house. Never in the field, kept uncompressed, never used unclothed, but freshly laundered anyway.

    Was $191 New (delivered)

    With fishnet nylon over-sized bag.

    $135 delivered East Coast. $140 delivered West Coast. I'm near PO, and will ship abroad if you will accept added cost and loss liability.
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    I really wish I wasn't broke. Just sold a knife so I could get one of Gargoyle's Mega Ogee tarps.

    Good luck!

    /starts looking around to see if he has anything else to sell.
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    PM just sent.

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