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    Overnighter to Hidden Lakes

    Last Saturday I hiked into Hidden Lakes in the Ruby Mountains for an overnight stay. It had snowed the day before, but I thought I would encounter a couple of inches that would be melted by the end of the day. Much to my suprise there was 8 to 10 inches at the lake (9,500 ft.) and no sign of it going away.

    I haven't winter camped in my hammock yet so this was the test run. Most people would want to try this closer to home or a vehicle, but I figured I was only in 4.5 miles and I could walk out if necessary. I had my Flame thrower and Jerry Chair UQ and my leighlo's TQ. I wore my medium weight long underwear, wool socks, a hat and a fleece pull over. The only thing that got cold was my feet. I needed a little more than my Therm-A-Rest Lite Seat under my feet. The wind didn't blow too hard which helped.

    The night was clear and cool (21*F) with a big bright moon. With all the snow stuck to the trees it was beautiful. I wished I had taken the time to take a picture. I was too warm in my hammock to get up and get my camera. I was just laying there listening to the coyotes until I fell asleep.

    I have a few pictures, but I wished I would have taken more. I need to get a better foot pad and try this again. I will experiment in colder weather closer to home to make sure it's going to work.
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