I bought the HH ultra-light explorer and the tarp it comes with sucks! It barely covers. If there's so much as a little wind "game over".. -- does anyone feel my pain with this one.

Now I need to get a new tarp before I thru the entire AT..

Here's my problem ( " I have no Idea what to get" ) The MacCat looks good.. but what will work the best?

I wrote HH and told them that their "stock tarp" is simply not big enough and that I have read multiple complaints about it on different forums after I bought it of course.. They said I could exchange it for a larger version called the Hex and of course pay the difference. Does anyone have experiance with this one the "Hex" . The HH company now lacks credibility on my part what if that one sucks to?

I just wish there was somewhere I could go to actually see these set ups.. Buying things site unseen/untested is not my bag... I know theres a campout at the end of Jan. but I'am not sure if I be able to make it..

Ok as much advice on this one as possible please.....