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Great trip report, made me homesick for FL and I haven't lived there in 16 years.
Thanks! It truly was an experience.

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Great report, sounds like a great adventure.
Oh, yeah. This'll be one to remember. Thanks!

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Haha I had a dream just like that the last time I went hiking. In the morning I told my friends, "You ever have one of those dreams where you're not sure if it really happened? Well, let's home it was a dream, because if not I had a bigfoot messing with my sleeping bag."

Bummer about the weather and no one else could make it. But, good for you for still getting out there in those woods.

I used to live in St. Augustine off of Racetrack in Fruit Cove. Small World.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a dream...remind me to tell you about Bigfoot some time. He almost caused me to punch the driver of a car that I was in once...just before we ran over a raccoon the size of a bear cub at seventy...

The weather was perfect. I love me some hiking in the wind and rain. I just don't like biking into the wind over long distances...that was the only drawback.

Definitely a small world.


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Thanks for the trip report, Rider. I hiked out there in the rain Saturday evening, stood around in the rain and wind for awhile, then wimped out and went home. Sorry I missed ya!
Aw, 's okay. I'm kinda used to being out on solos; my work schedule is so off from everyone else's that it's a fairly normal thing for me. I'll catch ya at the annual winter hang in Ocala, though, for certain!

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Great report, and way to both sleep and persevere. Challenges are fun, so is good rest. Nice thing about what we do is that it is easy to do both. I really enjoyed your report. Sometime I want to paddle and or hike someplace different from our area. Thanks again for the creative energy you put into the report. Nice break from work.
Thanks! It certainly made for an interesting trip. If you every want to come on down to the greater Gainesville area, definitely let me know; we'll see what we can come up with. It most certainly was a great break from the weekly grind.