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    As many have said, I was immediately struck by the video featuring huggerless hanging. I, too, am a giant fan of the stovemaker--but probably won't engage in shade-tree psychology on this one. It seems fairly obvious that the damage to tree trunks may or may not be the reason for "perception huggers." It really depends on the tree, but there are many that can't be left unmarked by even the most moderate line contact. With so many extreme lightweight solutions presented here, one wonders, "Why not err on the safe side?" Huggers get my vote.
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    Tinny may have overstepped his expertise here, but maybe he might be onto something. I just had an idea to help distribute the pressure of the amsteel!

    I currently use amsteel and 1" straps. On the ends of the amsteel loops, I have a small length of paracord tied in a solomon's bar. It can slide along the amsteel when I push it, so I use it to help cinch things down when I'm adjusting it (as a bonus, it also helps to secure the rope when I'm stowing it so that it never gets tangled in my pack).

    What would happen if I simply extended the solomon's bar? We'd get about a 1" wide, textured, slideable strap that covers the amsteel! Here are some potential benefits:
    Textured: helps grip the tree, so you don't have to worry about sliding down.
    Slides along amsteel: easy to adjust, plus helps bundle the rope.
    Plus, it's made of paracord, one of the most versatile, useful things to have in the backcountry!
    The only downside I can think of is it might be bulkier than a small strap, but the positives might be enough to win me over.

    What do you all think? Is it worth trying out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hickery View Post
    I agree with slowhike.We need to protect and not harm what we hang from.
    x2. Even if a WS alone don't cause a tree any harm we don't need to start irritating the wrong people just to lighten the pack by a few ounces.
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    i experiment with all kinds of rope and cord and when i was hanging with a braided fishing/trolling line, i could cut over 1/4" into the butter. it was embedded into the soft outer layer and sap would literally run out. now it is my tree on my property and i didnt feel safe with such a small line so i never actually used it for everyday hanging but you can easily damage a tree with the right combination of materials.

    if 500 people in a state park all hung on the same tree it would be a mess....i hate big government and anything approaching 'the law' but the smaller a line gets the greater chance it will start cutting thru and doing damage.

    i use 1inch strap and it is heavier but i feel a lot safer also. sometimes the experimenting for ultimate weight reduction can get a little weird.

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    I try my darndest to adhere to LNT principles as you have seen the amount of people hanging from trees is growing as evidence to this sight. As our numbers grow so does the stress on trees at more popular places. I am a Landscape contractor and have seen many trees ruined by ropes durring the staking process this would hold true for hammocks as well. Many trees ar resilient but these small wounds could leave the tree suseptible and more atractive to boring insects, bacterial infections, and fungal attacks. We dont always see imediately the damage. But the next generation may. I am not a Greenie but do love the idea of pristine wilderness.

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