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    To replace the heavy fire making gear... I use a 21'' Sven Saw. It's folds down small, and weighs next to nothing while still being incredibly durable. I'll use it to section the log, then split it by batonning w/ my Buck Hoodlum. It's a 16'' knife, yet weighs in at under a pound, sheath and all. It's and amazing piece of art. Ron Hood did an amazing job building this. Instead of stoves with bulky canisters/bottles, I recently went with the Vargo Titanium wood burning stove. It's one piece of titanium so there's nothing to lose and folds down incredibly small. I've even seen it used as a windscreen for small alcohol stoves. Also, makes the smallest and lightest wood burning stoves for heat I've ever seen. My 12'' cylinder stove comes in under 2lbs complete set and packs down so small it's hard to believe. & has some great clothing meant for backpacking.

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    Water and food contribute serious weight factors. If I KNOW there will be a reliable source of water at my destination(s) I'll limit my water packing/carrying and fill up at the location, its made a big difference for me. Many of my menus now (especially when out for more than two days), are designed with weight consciousness in mind.

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