Hey guys, this year I put on the FIRST Annual SC Fall Sprawl and I feel it was a great time for all. I would have always like to have had more people show up, but with the ones that came we had a good mix of people and ideas and was just right.

This next year, I'm going to try to go bigger and better of course, with some better planning and of course, more time for you guys to get there (I'm looking at you NewtonGT, JaxHiker & Muskrat...)

SO! This will be to just clear the date, I know its a year off but I want to make sure the last weekend in September should work as far as other events going on. This year I don't think there was any other events planned, and I want to keep it about the same days

If I were to keep it the same, it would be September 28, 29 & 30. If it makes any other difference, the weekend before could work as well so long as theres no other major events in the area (altho I think grayson highlands would be going on, I will try to work around that as to not compete)

Let me know if this sounds good, and ANY suggestions at all that you can think feel free, especially to those that came!

I have an idea where theres a DIY raffle. Basically those that can afford to, make something DIY style (UQ's tarps, stoves etc. anything) at the hang and we raffle those off. Hopefully this will do 2 things: provide people with ideas and instruction on how to make things, then the chance to take something home. This last hang Captain Smileys boy Dalton (spiderman) took home the PLUQ I made before hand, and from what Ive heard, is lovin it!