Hello all, I am The redneck Q from North La and look forward to advancing my knowledge and use of my hammocks from the good ppl here.

My handle derives from the inventor Q, the man behind the scenes providing James bond with cool toys. I have been using hammocks for the past few years and was too cheap to purchase one so I used the homemade versions till I received a Hennessy in a trade. Since then I now own 3 Hennessys' and preach the good news to my camping and kayaking buddies about how once you go hammock you never go back to ground unless you fall out or it breaks

I am a fire fighter by profession but build knives, fire pistons, hybrid fiber glass longbows as well as design and build sea kayak along with many other cool toys.Most of what I build is focused on hunting camping bushcraft hiking and paddling needs however the wife will have me craft something for her every now and then