The discovery process in hammocking is one that I have really enjoyed. From stumbling across Shug's "Tarp Talk" video when looking to get into bushcraft and then watching his entire vid collection to finding this place I now refer to has my place of residence, and through to watching tinny's vids. It has all been fun!

One activity when out in the woods that I really enjoy is cooking. So third to subscribing to Shug and joining HF was to check out what products minibulldesigns had to offer me.

The product information available on cooking items that can be found on minibulldesigns YouTube channel is second to none and it check out the information available each day. And it is a enjoyable time for the most of it.

As those who watch tinny's vids would know he has only just started to speak of hammocks and looks to be just starting out in his own adventure of discovery which is great.

Product information is taken on by myself dependent on how qualified the person offering it seems to be in the field in question. If the information source is one that has had experience in the product it is taken on board in a very different way that if it is simply someone who is trying things out.

Innovation is a great thing, hey I have made a heap of items that ended up in the bin and a couple that I use in my kit. I'm not looking to make a set number of you tube clips or have a subscription base that that I benefit from. So unfortunately, you don't get to see everything that I have thought about, thought of thinking about, or spoke to rwod about.

I think that I felt a little put off when something or rather a group of people that I have learnt allot from, and I would image have by most promoted a persons product; are put forward in a negative light.

So products.... how many threads have we all read about customers awaiting there newly purchased goods from many of the suppliers noted and supported here in HF? Heaps yeah! And what is the most common reply? It is that it will be worth the wait. And that is because from what I believe, is a commitment to quality over quantity in goods put into the market. I have become accustom to this approach and possibly when I see something other than that my ears pick up. I'm not a fan of product just for the sake / view count of it.

It is interesting when information from a expert in one field is offered outside of the field they are a expert in. As it can often come with implied expertise.

Every day I check out the new post here on HF and look for new information to take in from the HF elders and likewise look for new comers not unlike myself to share the discovery with.

So in answer to the posted question...... (I wasn't sure I'd get to it either)

I don't that Tinny has lost his way, but is only starting to find it on a new path.

"be nice" is the new addition to the close that comes to mind.