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Something to think about. You can get the entire 22" Ti stove from Titanium Goat with the more expensive and lighter Ti stove pipe for $325.00. This is for an 8' stove pipe, and includes a nice bag to store it all in. Unless you figure your time as free, the TiGoat stove is a very good deal.

Building the stove is not hard, but it's also not easy, and it will take you several hours to do it right. One tricky part is cutting the hole in the stove body for the stove pipe because the body is not flat, it's a cylinder, which means when you match the round stove pipe up to it, the hole where they intersect is an oval. The hole must be cut very precise, otherwise smoke will leak out at the junction. If it's too small, forcing the stove pipe into the hole will distort and bend the body of the stove.

I have not weighed my stove. According to TiGoat's website, the 22" stove with a 7' Ti pipe weighs about 2lbs. You can add about 10oz. to that weight for a stove with a stainless steel pipe.

This is a specialty item for those people who feel they must have a heated shelter. Obviously, it's a nice guilty pleasure if you are camping in very cold conditions, but for the price of the stove, you can buy a top quality down quilt or under-quilt. Also, the stove will not burn all night. I can get about a 3-4 hour burn time in mine with good hardwood and the stove dampered back. If you want all night heat, you will have to get up at least once to stoke the stove. Also, burning a fire, even in a stove, inside of a tent or under a tarp is not a risk free proposition. More than one person has lit their shelter on fire, which would not be a good thing in the middle of the night, where you might lose all of your gear and be put in a real life or death survival situation.
I'm glad you brought up the hole in the round stove body as this was what i was curious about ,,,finding a simple way to do this. I love the idea of the light weight stove that you could backpack,,just don't know yet which direction i'm going in.I keep going back to a box stove,snowtrekker, but am still looking around my community for the right metal container to Frankenstein. I personally don't like all night heat and the idea of leaning over in the morning and throwing tinder,kindling in, starting the stove up and leaning back in bed is attractive to me. We'll see.