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    Talking DIY 3/4 Differentially Cut UQ - Finished!

    I finished my UQ this week - wohoo!

    Thanks go out to everyone who shares information on these forums, which without, I never could have imagined taking on such a project. This is my 1st DIY ever and I have no prior experience behind a thread injector. It took me a long time to wrap my head around some of the concepts involved, but well worth the effort. Special thanks go out to my wife who put up with me taking over the dining room table and kitchen floor for a week during construction!

    Number of baffles: 7.00
    Baffle height: 2.50 inches
    Underquilt width: 42.00 inches
    Underquilt length: 52.00 inches
    Seam allowance on long sides: 1.00 inches
    Seam allowance on short sides: 1.00 inches
    Width inner fabric (toward hammock): 42.00 inches plus seam allowance = 44.00 inches
    Length inner fabric (toward hammock): 52.00 inches plus seam allowance = 54.00 inches
    Width outer fabric (away from hammock): 54.00 inches plus seam allowance = 56.00 inches
    Length outer fabric (away from hammock): 57.00 inches plus seam allowance = 59.00 inches
    Baffle spacing for inner fabric: 6.00 inches
    Baffle spacing for outer fabric: 7.00 inches
    Outside chamber width inner fabric: 6.00 inches
    Outside chamber width outer fabric: 9.50 inches (7" +2.5" loft)
    Darts on the inner: 1 inch (total 7 inches)
    Darts on the outer: 2 inch (total 14 inches)
    For the head end I made these 10 inches long, and 15 inches at the foot end.

    Down Fill Calculations
    Volume based on trapezoidal pyramid shape of radial baffles calculated above
    Down fill power: 800.00 inches³/ounce
    Percent overfill: 0.20
    Volume per baffle: 844.83 inches³
    Total volume: 5913.79 inches³
    Down per chamber: 1.27 ounces
    Total down: 8.87 ounces

    The above calcs started out using Meteors UQ Calcs:
    And were then modified slightly (using 160 degrees instead of 170) to simplify dimensions for easier construction. (Thanks Meteor and Mad777!)

    Ripstop and Noseeum purchased from:
    Down harvested from a Bloomingdales My Luxe pillow.

    On to the pics!

    Laid out and marked

    Baffles and darts sewn to outer

    Baffles sewn to foot and head end, also showing corner detail

    Shell completed, baffles sewn to inner and outer shell, 3 sides hemmed

    Shell filled with 800 FP down, Grosgrain channels added

    And finally, suspension added and attached to hammock!

    I hope in the future someone will find a small nugget of info somewhere that helps them as much as it helped me looking through other projects!
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