Tonight I head out on my first backpack trip where we will all be hangin. One of my older brothers, his son, my son and myself will be the "campers".

I made a couple of simple rules for this trip. Must sleep in a hammock that you made (we made them from king size sheets). Cannot carry a backpack. Must use the hammock as some sort of roll bag to carry all your gear.

Everything is packed and ready to go. Just waiting for work to end. Looking forward to a new experience. Weather is supposed to be in the 50's tonight and clear.

Where we are going is loaded with maples that are changing colors. Should be good for the soul

I first came across the idea of hammock camping on the BushcraftUSA forum which led me over here. Looking forward to some great converstions.

Thanks in advance for all your great knowledged.

Happy hangin!