im a brand new member, this is my first post, thanks for the hospitality.

me and my brother just bought a house, a foreclosure. He makes mad money but i, unfortuantly, dont.

I could pull the bed from my parents house/current room and put it in my new room but i dont really want to, which is where the question comes in, and you guessed it: Can i hang a hammock in my room and just sleep on that?

I asked a paintball forum this same question and people said after 2 weeks i'd wake up looking like a banana, something i dont want to do. Is there a type of hammock that i could hang to prevent this or is this totally out of the question.

Im defiantly going for the pirate flare. If you watch the Pirates movies you can spot them sleeping on hammocks and hey, if they did it (theoretically), cant I?

Thanks for any input, i'll gladly give back any feedback.

and btw, the house is in a neighboring city of Palm Springs, CA. almost 1,500 sq ft. Pool, Jacuzzi, Fireplace. we got it for 185. Shizam!